1935 - 1939

Brevard Little Theatre was originally formed at a meeting organized by Beulah May Zachary and held in Brevard on October 14, 1935.
The first officers were:

Beulah Zachary..............President
Mrs. Eugene Coltrane.... Vice President
Mrs. Thorvald Berg........ Recording Secretary
Lillian Jenkins................ Corresponding Secretary
J.A. Carlisle....................Treasurer

The first BLT Board Members were:

Martha Boswell
Lucille Smith
Ethel McMinn
C. M. Douglas
Robert Kimzey
Mrs. A. H. Harris

(Dues for BLT members were set at $1.50 per season which included admission to all of the shows.)


Shows Produced



Opening Season


The Red Lamp
The Boor
The Grand Cham's Diamond
Dolly's Little Bills
The Doctor in Spite of Himself

Our 1st Season


Be It Ever So Humble
A Tragedian In Spite of Himself
He Ain't Done Right by Little Nell
The Man Who Thought of Everything
That's How the Noise Began
The Marriage Proposal
The Patsy

Our 2nd Season


The Late Christopher Bean
The Bishop Misbehaves
The Importance of Being Ernest
Gaius and Gaius, Jr.
Curse You, Jack Dalton
Our 3rd Season


WW II Begins and BLT closes until 1950 Our 4th Season