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The Late Christopher Bean

February, 1938
By Sidney Howard
Directed by Beulah Zachary

The Bishop Misbehaves

April, 1938
Directed by Beulah Zachary

The Importance of Being Ernest

June, 1938
by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Beulah Zachary

Gaius and Gaius, Jr.

July, 1938
By Lucy M. Cobb
Directed by Leon English, Jr.
Two one-act melodramas

Curse You, Jack Dalton

July, 1938
By William Braun
Directed by Ruth Pickelsimer
Two one-act melodramas

Here the record of BLT in the pre-World War II years ends. No other clippings, programs, etc. are available in the BLT Historian's collection. BLT closed down during World War II. Brevard Little Theatre was reorganized in 1949, with its first season being 1950