About Us

Our MISSION is to provide excellent amateur and professional theatre in Transylvania County and to encourage young and old alike to develop and maintain lifelong relationships with the theatre arts, whether through participation or attendance.

We also wish to develop a comprehensive strategic and financial plan and a broad based fundraising program so that we may buy land and build a theatre that will serve our mission and the programs that manifest that mission.

Although being a fraternity of theatre enthusiasts that exists to produce plays and skits is not a bad thing, and we have done it well since 1935, now we can and should become more.

Our vision is that we be a cultural resource for the community, and that every citizen of the county will be, at the very least, aware of ... hopefully, feel part of ... and, ideally, be proud of ... our activities and facility.

We will bring the magic of live theatre not only to the stage of our own facility, but also into the community via extensive, ongoing programs in schools, senior centers and other focal points of activity within Transylvania and neighboring counties.

In doing so, we will become an organization which instills a sense of ownership extending well beyond our actors, support staff, and theatregoers. Ours will be a theatre that all citizens of Transylvania County will feel they have a stake in.

The Brevard Little Theatre (BLT) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1935 to present live theatre to the residents of Brevard and Transylvania County. Except for a few years during WWII we have been presenting live entertainment since our inception. We are one of oldest non-profits in the county and are proud of our heritage.

Presently we are run by a Board of Directors overseeing several committees that concentrate their efforts on specific jobs.

We are an all volunteer enterprise and no one collects a salary for their time, we all do it for the love of the theatre and community.

We usually produce 6 shows per year with each show running over 3 weekends. Dramas, comedies and musicals are all included in our roster.

We have had several homes during our long history and now have a long term lease at the American Legion Hall in downtown Brevard.

We also hold our annual Dancing with our Stars competition where we feature local personalities paired with skilled or professional dancers. Partners perform and the audience votes for their favorite.