Readers' Theatre

Held at the Silvermont Opportunity Center whose mission is to invigorate and enhance the quality of life for adults over the age of sixty in Transylvania County by providing a range of services, activities, programs, and opportunities designed to encourage active aging and improve the health and well-being of older adults in our community.

Held every Monday from 1 PM - 2 PM at Silvermont Opportunity Center, 364 East Main St.

* Read one act plays, scenes, monologues and radio and television scripts in a relaxed atmosphere.

* No auditions or memorizing required

* Completely free

* Drop ins and audience members are always welcome and appreciated

* Contact Julie Vorus at  (828) 884-3166 or for more information


Want to try acting, but would like to start "small"? Are you an actor, but don't have time for a regular production?

Then .... BLT-To-Go is just right for you! BLT-To-Go is Brevard Little Theatre's troupe of "occasional actors," who make themselves available to provide free entertainment to non-profit organizations in Transylvania and surrounding counties. As a member of BLT-To-Go, you will:

* Perform roles of your choice, in pieces ranging from 5-minute skits to 30-minute one-act plays, usually with 1-3 other actors. If you don't already have material, we'll help you find some -- and provide acting instruction and direction as needed. You will not need to memorize lines, as we read from scrips.

* Perform according to your own schedule: Members and their associated skits are on a standing "menu" of available material. If your skit appears to fit an organization's request, we call you; if you're not available for that particular event, we call someone else.

* Perform before small, appreciative audiences; usually 20-50 people, who are always grateful for your efforts -- and who may even give you a free meal!

* Perform in casual settings; community centers, fellowship halls, dining rooms -- not on a stage with bright lights, sets and formal props.

* Provide a service to the community: The BLT-To-Go entertainment is often the high point of the organization's gathering.

* Help BLT: BLT-To-Go produces publicity and goodwill for BLT; and although they're not required to do so, the receiving organizations often make donations too.

Contact Julie Vorus at  (828) 884-3166 or for more information. If you belong to an organization that would like to arrange for a BLT-To-Go show, Julie will be happy to talk to you about that too.

Below is the cast of BLT To Go at a rehearsal for a performance for the VIPS (Visually Impaired Persons), an organization that meets at College Walk once a month. Actors are L to R, BLT members, Anne Munch, Al Edick, Annette Hobbs, and Carolyn Winchester.  Standing is Julie Vorus, BLT To Go Coordinator.