We are located in downtown Brevard at 55 East Jordan St. in the American Legion Post 88, Memorial Building. If you are interested in renting our theatre please call Steve at (212) 677-2840 and he will arrange an appointment to view the space.

Our theatre is available for rent for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, parties, social events, etc. The rentable space is just over 3,500 square feet.

The rental fee is $400 per day and a $150 deposit is necessary to hold your reservation which will be returned after your event, provided you have met the requirements on the rental agreement.

You can check our calendar for available dates.

This is the lobby and has 2 entrances, one from the street and one that is covered from the parking lot. The lobby measures 19 x 39 feet (741 sq. ft.) and contains the restrooms. It is separated from the main hall by a moveable curtain.

A view from the front entrance, looking through the lobby and into the main hall A view from the end of the hall towards the main stage. The main hall measures 50 x 53 feet (2,650 sq. ft.) A view of the main hall from the stage itself looking out towards the main door directly in the center. The stage measures 39 x 5 feet (195 sq. ft.)

Dressing room 1 backstage, you must pass through this dressing room to get to the other 2 and the restroom backstage Dressing room 2 is private and shares a restroom Dressing room 3 is also private and shares a restroom

In addition there is a small storage area with a refrigerator and small microwave which may be used as a small kitchen. The following is also included with your rental:

125 chairs
12 6 ft. round tables
6 rectangular tables
3 21" x 24" tables
2 wood and iron benches