by Brad Owen
Directed by Brad Owen

romantic comedy
January 31, February 1,2 & 7,8,9   2020
6 performances

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Sundays at 3 PM

Synopsis Two brokers roll the digital dating dice by logging into a soul-mate-finding website. Honesty on their personal profiles nearly ruins their chances for love, causing love site web gurus and friends to convince them to over exaggerate themselves, almost to a point beyond recognition. However, the story routes these incompatible people across the world wide web and parks them in an authentic love, only an office space apart.
Cast TOM LAZIO (m) 32; Securities analyst and investment advisor for Reinhart Securities. He's single, lives in a condo in Chicago with his mother. He has just enough of a business look to get by, and mixes in casual attire. He's somewhat unshaven, disorganized, but an effective stock analyst because he is creative, outspoken but kind hearted, and bends the rules in favor of his clients. (489 lines)

ELLEN CANTRELL (f) 32; Securities analyst and investment advisor for Reinhart Securities. She's a transplanted Southerner living in a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago. She is single, and lives alone. She dresses exactly as a woman who memorized Dressed For Success. She is meticulous about her office and apartment, highly intelligent, and follows the rules to the nth degree. At home, she doesn't want coworkers to know she is a country girl at heart. (438 lines)

NELLIE LAZIO (f) 60s; Widowed mother of Tom, she lives with Tom in his condo. She's old-world Italian and is self-centered, feisty, opinionated, dramatic, loving, crafty, and loud. (212 lines)

MR. REINHART (m) 58; President and Chief Executive Officer of Reinhart Securities. He is divorced. He dresses impeccably, has a dark, foreboding wood paneled heart. He is sarcastic, controlling, and sees employees as intelligent worker bees serving in his hive. People perform or they're fired. However, he gives people the tools and opportunity to impress him and make the company billions. (55 lines)

RANDY HARDING (m) 45; Securities analyst and investment advisor for Reinhart Securities. He's moderately successful on the job, but works just enough to play. He's Tom's office buddy. He is funny, playful, and is in his third marriage. He dresses business casual with lots of mid-life-crisis flair Though bombing out in two marriages due to his terminal immaturity, he loves to give male-female relationship advice. (60 lines)

AMANDA FELDEN (1) 31; Securities analyst and investment advisor for Reinhart Securities. She is marginally successful, and dresses provocatively. She works just enough to hit the town and play around Chicago's dance clubs. She's Ellen's best friend and looks at her as her project to loosen up. Though she pushes her friend to be more daring, when it counts, she helps Ellen risk loving without all the flash. (132 lines)

COP (f) Vice squad plain-clothed officer who poses as a hooker in Bon Giorno, the Italian restaurant frequented by Tom and Nellie. (18 lines)

FRANCO (m) Owner, operator, and often Maitre d', at Bon Giorno, a mid-scale, hometown Chicago Italian restaurant and bar. (13 lines)

MANAGER (f) She is the Regional Produce Manager of the Chicago area Mason 's Supermarkets. Can double as COP. (14 lines)

DELIVERY MAN (m) Can be doubled with Waiter and Produce Clerk. (6 lines)