by Brad Owen
Directed by Brad Owen
Produced by George Ferencz

romantic comedy

January 31, February 1,2 & 7,8,9   2020
6 performances

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Sundays at 3 PM



Synopsis Two brokers roll the digital dating dice by logging into a soul-mate-finding website. Honesty on their personal profiles nearly ruins their chances for love, causing love site web gurus and friends to convince them to over exaggerate themselves, almost to a point beyond recognition. However, the story routes these incompatible people across the world wide web and parks them in an authentic love, only an office space apart.
Cast TOM - John Adams
ELLEN - Heather Denton
AMANDA - Kathleen Riddle
RANDY - Scott Donaldson
NELLIE - Jeanne O'Connor
REINHARDT - Janet Gralley
COP and GROCER - Joan Rinchisen
FRANCO - George Ferencz Jr.