The Brevard Little Theatre has been going strong since 1935 and solely with volunteers. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to entertaining and teaching the public about live theatre. Keep busy, make new friends, contribute to your community, work onstage or off...there are even positions for shopping ... we call it  prop procurement. Work a few hours, a few days or as much as you like, we always welcome new faces and new enthusiasm. Come join our family and volunteer.

 Position descriptions are listed below, on the bottom of the page is a volunteer form

HELP BUILD OUR SETS: Every production requires a new set. On the first day of construction, the Set Designer brings a plan to show the construction crew. Some sets are very simple and can be built in a couple days, while others take longer. The more people there are on the construction crew, the quicker it gets built. If you can swing a hammer, use a drill, saw a board or haul lumber, we need you. Construction days usually start at 10 AM and run through 2 PM.

SET PAINTERS: Once the set is built, it must be painted. Some sets are simple, paint the walls, maybe a platform  and that’s it. Other sets require special painting, creating what looks like flowers, a cracked wall or a city street. If you can dip a brush into a can of paint, we’d like your help. If you have a talent for special painting effects, we need you.

COSTUMES & WARDROBE: Costuming requires people to look through our costume room to find the types of clothes we need for each show. If they aren’t available in-house, we visit stores, discount houses and frequently someone’s attic to find what we need. Sometimes we sew our own costumes. Once they have been obtained and fitted, the wardrobe crew takes over, making sure costumes are placed where needed, helping performers change during a show, and mending whatever needs it.

DISTRIBUTE POSTERS AND BROCHURES: Several restaurants and shops in Brevard have agreed to display the posters that we create for each show. Distributing them takes a few hours and requires you to post them at the pre-arranged businesses. Sometimes the business manager will allow you to tack them up on a bulletin board or tape them in a window, while others will simply take them and do it themselves. The brochures come out once each season and should be dropped off at local hotels, chambers of commerce and other places from a pre-arranged list.

LEARN TO RUN OUR LIGHT BOARD: Some shows are simple, lights up and lights down, but others require more “cues”. Everything is computerized and takes just minutes to learn. It requires someone to be there during the show, being alert and watchful, but actually demands little more than pushing a couple of buttons on cue.

OPERATE OUR SOUND BOARD: Some productions have very little sound but others have many sound cues. It depends on the show and its Director. Usually the sound person is responsible for ringing an on-stage telephone, sounding a siren, the sound of a car, etc. as well as playing the pre-show and intermission music. Nearly all of this is computerized, requiring no more than pushing the “go” button. It’s very easy but does require you to be there during the show and some rehearsals.

PROPS MASTER/PROPS CREW: We need people who like to shop. On most productions we purchase or borrow things, anything from a silver salt shaker to a mandolin which must be used by one or more of the performers. Once we acquire what we need, the stage crew “sets” the stage (before the show begins, during scene changes and intermission). Some of that is done in front of the audience.

CONCESSIONS: During the run of each production we serve soft drinks, cookies and other snacks at intermission. Those helping with this must simply be there a few minutes before intermission, set out the goodies and put everything back when intermission is finished, usually 15-20 minutes. It takes about an hour of your time, but it’s important to members of the audience as they take their break between acts.

FUNDRAISING/MARKETING: If you have experience in fundraising or marketing your talents are greatly needed. You would be involved with developing and planning fundraising events, mailings and generating new ideas for raising funds and getting the word out about our productions.

BOX OFFICE: Box Office volunteers take calls and sell show tickets over the counter to theater patrons.  Staffing shifts prior to performances begin at 6 pm and end about 7:45 to p.m. Volunteers are invited to stay for the show the evening they staff the box office. Individual training on box office procedures will be provided.

ASSIST THE DIRECTOR AS STAGE MANAGER: All productions have a Stage Manager. This is the person who actually runs the show once it opens. The Stage Manager is the Director’s right hand…helping with rehearsals, directing the props people, wardrobe crew, lights and sound people.

BE THE PRODUCER: The Producer is responsible for assembling all the people connected with the show except the director and actors. This means finding the people to do the set building, lighting, painting, sound, props and all other technical aspects of the show. Producers are also responsible for arranging and conducting production meetings. Our Producers don’t put up any of their own money as they do in Hollywood and Broadway but they are responsible for overseeing the production budget. This should be a special kind of person; well organized, able to solve problems, make decisions, massage egos and if needed, say no.

SPECIAL EVENTS: This includes the annual meeting, awards night event and special fundraising events. Tasks include finding the location, arranging catering if needed, assisting with decorations and entertainment. If you like having a party, this could be a good match.

PERFORM OR BE A DIRECTOR: Every show needs performers and a director. If you enjoy acting, we encourage you to attend our auditions. If you are a Director, we need you, too. Our schedule always includes at least one musical so we also need choreographers, musical directors and at least one piano player for each musical.

B-L-T To Go: Providing a significant community service, this is our company of “occasional actors” who travel in small groups throughout Transylvania and adjoining counties to perform in such venues as community centers, church halls, schools and private parties. B-L-T To Go can always use more performers. No experience necessary. 

If you wish, you may contact our Volunteer Coordinator  George Ferencz directly at Georgeferenczjr@aol.com. .