by Roald Dahl

Directed by Heather Denton
Produced by

July 31, August1,2 & 6,7,8,9    2020
7 performances

Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Sundays at 3 PM

Synopsis Charlie Bucket, a young boy, and his Grandpa Joe, find a golden ticket and take a fantastic adventure inside a marvelous and mysterious chocolate factory owned by the eccentric confectioner Willy Wonka. The show combines elements of the original book, the 1971 movie as well as some new songs written for the stage. Join Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas in this magical and colorful musical that is guaranteed to delight everyone’s sweet tooth.
Cast WILLY WONKA The mysterious title character. He is charming, enigmatic, charismatic, and slightly sinister. A chocolatier who guides children and their parents on a tour of his factory. He is looking for someone new to take over his candy empire. Male, 20-50 yrs old

CHARLIE BUCKET Our story's earnest protagonist. From a modest home life, he is humble and noncompetitive while maintaining a sense of wonder about the world. One of the Golden Ticket winners whose honesty and general good nature wins Wonka over. Male, 9-12 yrs old

GRANDPA JOE A caring, patient, and kindhearted man. Loving Grandfather to Charlie Bucket. He accompanies Charlie to Willy Wonka's factory and it gives him a new burst of youthful vigor. Male, 60-80 yrs old

AUGUSTUS GLOOP A gluttonous German boy. Cheerful and jolly, he defines himself by his ability to eat mass quantities of food. Male, 10-15 yrs old

MRS. GLOOP A plump, jolly German woman with a bustling personality. Augustus Gloop's overindulgent mother. Female, 35-45 yrs old

MIKE TEAVEE An obnoxious, hyperactive child addicted to television. Male, 9-12 yrs old

MS. TEAVEE Mike Teavee's permissive mother. She is a polished housewife and perfectly put together. Female, 30-45 yrs old

VERUCA SALT A wealthy, spoiled British girl. She is accustomed to having her father indulge her every whim and desire. Female, 10-15 yrs old

MR. SALT A wealthy British salesman who regularly flaunts his privilege. Father to Veruca Salt who shamelessly spoils his daughter. Male, 40-60 yrs old

VIOLET BEAUREGARDE A show-off with a competitive streak. Violet seizes every opportunity to take risks and be center stage. Female, 9-12 yrs old

MRS. BEAUREGARDE Violet's enthusiastic mother who focuses all her attention on her daughter. She indulges Violet's worst impulses. Female, 30-45 yrs old

MRS. BUCKET Charlie Bucket's nurturing mother. She is always trying to maintain an energetic positivity. Female, 30-45 yrs old

MR. BUCKET Charlie Bucket's nurturing, overworked father. He is always trying to maintain an energetic positivity. Male, 30-45 yrs old

PHINEOUS TROUT A reporter covering the Golden Ticket story. Male, 20-50 yrs old

CANDY MAN A local candy vendor. He leads the children in praising the joys of candy. Male, 20-50 yrs old

ENSEMBLE Children and adults, male and female. Townspeople, grandparents, workers, squirrels, Oompa-Loompas.